Florida Gold

One of my favorite weekend activities, next to laying in bed and watching Netflix, is antiquing! There’s nothing like waking up early to hit all of your favorite vintage/antique malls or the rush of finding the one thing your collection needs. I have always loved stories and mementos of yesteryear so becoming a collector came naturally.

When my fiancé and I moved to Melbourne nearly 2 years ago, we found ourselves living in a beautiful 1940s Florida Cracker style home with beautiful hardwood floors and much of the original fixtures. When it came time to furnish this home, my design ideas from our previous living situation were useless. As we settled in, I started frequenting our local antique stores and vintage markets as a way to pass time since Mason works on Saturdays. I almost never left empty handed. I started collecting gadgets here and there; mostly jadeite and loose ends to create a bar cart. One day as I was looking through booths at Uptown Vintage Market, I happened to spot the prettiest Florida orange ash tray I’d ever seen. It was after I bought it that I knew what I would be doing with our home.

image1-1This was the piece that sealed my fate as a hoarder as well! Okay, I wouldn’t say hoarder, but how many collections can I have before people start to worry? I’d love to list all my collections, but don’t worry, you’ll get a chance to see them all in due time. Today, I just wanted to talk about my Florida orange collection. What used to be a silly souvenir in a gas station or a grocery store is now a beautiful piece of history. 1950 was a big year for the Florida citrus industry and it shows through all of the mid century memorabilia.

1952 magazine ad from the Florida Citrus Commission

As someone who was born and raised in central Florida there’s just something nostalgic about orange groves. Having little pieces of Florida Gold scattered throughout my house makes it feel like home. Many of the pieces I own are relatively inexpensive and common. I found the whole orange salt + pepper shaker along with the ash tray at a local market. The 2 piece orange salt + pepper shaker set was bought for me by my loving fiancé.


Another thing I collect is Florida tin plates. I never knew there were so many different colors and designs. I use plate hangers to arrange them on a wall in my living room. I know this doesn’t contain any citrus, but the black and orange coloring make it fit right in with the rest.


I will be posting all of my finds here in hopes that it inspires you to go out and find your vintage style! Do you have any collections? Let us know in the comments below!

xo, Amy

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